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We believe that

Strategic Marketing + Creative Communications




Yes, Healthier! Because when you work with us, you get a trusted partner who factors research, understands you, your brand power and its goals.

From this analysis, we strategise accordingly with a unique process and the expertise we carry. Hence, when our clients expect powerful results… We deliver them!


Whether it’s some of the sites we’ve created on LARAVEL where a completely customised look and feel with deep re-marketing tools prevail or the customisations on WordPress where we’ve built front ends on react to deliver the fastest load times possible along with back ends that deliver region by region content customisation and multiple consumer logins. View some of our work and experience it yourself.


Advertising we believe is all about creating content that is new and unique. Audience always remember the content that stands out from the general clutter concepts that everyone follows. This can not just be on the basis of content but also in conglomeration of technology and immense research.

We have a DESIGN DNA

In today's aesthetic thirsty audience, every piece of work we create is primarily to elevate customer experience which we believe comes with finesse in design as good art inspires one's mindset. Designing is intelligence made visible by us that can be seen in the work we deliver across brands for their creative or experiential work by the right font family, font size, placement, colour and alignment can make or break the first impression.


This means that if we plan a campaign, the creative is sitting right next to the strategist to keep contemplating it and delivering a quality product that fits within your budget.

If we’re building a website for you, your creative team works with our technology team and a QC team to make it exactly the way you want.

A single look, tone of voice and business vision guides everything we do.

Our Principles

Clients Business Win,

We Win

Our Word is

our Bond

Creativity is Sacred,

Aesthetics are God

Partnership with

Win-Win Attitude

 Be Culturally relevant,


Technology to


Build Local, Serve Global.

Learn Global, Serve Local

Think, Plan and then

Execute Fearlessly

Doc • Stokes

• Stokes, originally denotes A SOLID FUEL for a fire, which signifies that we bring Solutions for Doctors, in the form of holistic digital upgrade to fuel your digital growth.

• DocStokes, as an offering, is about bridging the gap between integrated marketing needs of Doctors with the solutions available with the IT Experts, under one roof.

• In a World where agencies are digital or creative or media – we’d like to stand for something a lot simpler, A client partner that delivers a solution.