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Digital Health Checkup
Digital Health Checkup is your source of meaningful insights to guide your hospital’s digital marketing strategies. It is an interactive competitive media market profile tool designed exclusively for healthcare systems. This service provides access to specialized insights and comprehensive analysis of your brand and your competitors’ advertising initiatives. More than just data visualization, it offers an analysis of top drivers, key messages and more, in order to empower you to make strategic, data-driven market decisions to compete with confidence.
Digital Health Checkup is media market intelligence at a glance that goes well beyond traditional investment reports to help you define a position across your competitive landscape. With a single click, you know your current position and then accordingly plan where you wanna reach.
Healthcare is constantly evolving, and we’re here to help you navigate the nuances of an ever-changing healthcare market. When you need clarity, we leverage the power of data and information – market research, competitive studies, consumer insights – to help you make better decisions. We dive deep into data and emerge with an integrated marketing strategy that reaches and resonates with your targets.
We always lead with strategy and not jump straight into creative execution. Armed with the right data, strategies and tactics, it becomes much easier to execute the work with utmost perfection. Strategy, hence, is a blueprint for everyone to facilitate organization-wide growth.
No one understands the fundamental role of a healthcare company’s brand more than we do. Your brand is what you do—it is a strategic point of view and the sum of all experiences your customers have when exposed to your products, services and messages.
For that reason, brand building is a continuous journey, and we are here to guide you through every step of your brand strategy. Whether you are a start-up preparing to go to market for the first time or an established company looking to revitalize your brand, we help you build an authentic brand that makes positive emotional connections with customers.
Our experts work closely with you to define and differentiate your brand promise. From there, we focus on making sure the promise you communicate always aligns with the brand experience you deliver. Because we go beyond the basics to include brand and communication audits, stakeholder and consumer research, and seamlessly executed brand strategies, we are uniquely qualified to help you ensure a long and healthy life for your brand.
Web Design & Development
Your website is often your first chance to be helpful and make a great impression. It does more than convey information—it tells your story, and it is an integral part of your brand experience. Our web experts build and host sites for healthcare companies of all sizes, delivering the latest in responsive web design and site architecture, complete with the robust and search-optimized content your customers are looking for.
We work with you to understand your company’s story, goals and operations, and tailor your website based on those conversations. From design and content to navigation and ease of use, we blend our technical, creative and analytical skills to enhance your brand online and, as always, we infuse our in-depth knowledge of healthcare into every website we create.
From our custom web solutions to our hosting services and everything in between, we work closely with you to define, design, develop and deploy a website that brings your brand to life. Everything it takes, all in one place.
Optimized web visibility – that’s what it takes for people to find your organization from any place at any time. Our customized search engine marketing and optimization (SEM/SEO) services draw customers right to you.
We understand your healthcare business goals, so we are efficient at enhancing visibility, targeting and retargeting consumers, and optimizing lead-generation opportunities through video, keyword-rich text and much more. We monitor all activity to provide continuous optimization, and with Google Ads specialization you can count on our team for SEM/SEO strategies with powerful results.
Make sure customers can find you where they work and play online. Whether your web presence is well established or just getting started, we are the SEM/SEO partners for you.
It is important for your healthcare organization to have a social media presence—and just showing up is not enough.
From customized social media policies and strategies to comprehensive content development and deployment, our healthcare social media specialists grow and captivate audiences with timely, two-way conversations. We generate new posts and watch industry news to provide up-to-date promotional and curated social content, while monitoring engagement and measuring effectiveness to continuously enhance the conversation. We also specialize in social media advertising to reach beyond your following, engaging people who need your services where they live, work and play.
Whether you need visuals, videos, content or an entire campaign, our social media specialists will help you reach your social marketing goals for maximum engagement.
Video Marketing
To support your video marketing goals, we provide everything from concept to completed videos, including scripts and interview guides, on-location scouting and shooting, post-production editing, voiceovers, b-roll, music beds, and motion graphics. And, as healthcare branding, marketing and advertising experts, we ensure your videos integrate seamlessly with your brand, your creative campaigns and your core messaging.
At DocStokes, we share your passion for video storytelling because it is an integral part of building brand awareness, nurturing brand loyalty, generating leads and inspiring action. We can also assist with sharing your video, not only on your website (which is great for SEO), but also via paid and organic social media marketing. When it comes to engaging video content, our experts will put everything into focus for you.
Paid Advertising
PPC advertising is a highly controllable, cost-effective way to earn a spot in Google and Bing search results as well as on websites and digital platforms where your target audience spends the most time browsing. With 97% of the world’s population turning to online search to find local products and services and 75% of people agreeing that paid ads make it easier to find the online information they’re looking for, and 63% of online searchers say they click on paid ads. If there’s ever been a time to invest in PPC management services from a company niche in healthcare services like DocStokes, that time is now.
To get a high return you need a PPC company that’s experienced, makes data-driven decisions, continually optimizes your campaigns, and looks at your entire funnel to help turn visits into sales. Who does that? We do.
In the ever-evolving healthcare market, protecting and enhancing your brand by carefully managing your communications is essential to your success. Whether announcing a new product or service, creating buzz around a cause or event, or sharing your latest corporate news within the industry, we know how to make your voice heard.
As with all our services, we infuse strategy first in every public relations project. Our PR experts work to ensure all communications align with your brand and business goals. From there, we are quick and nimble at spreading the word to a wide variety of media contacts and distribution channels locally, regionally and nationally. From press releases and PR campaigns to talking points that prepare your team for media inquiries and build your status as a thought leader, we offer the expertise you need to build strong, long-lasting relationships with the media and the people in your market.
Online Reputation Management
We help you improve online reputation through monitoring and management services that give you a clear glimpse of what others think, say, and feel about you online. Our team of reputation management specialists provides actionable and insightful advice, so that your image, no matter how big or small, has a chance to get noticed and grow.
How? We craft personalized strategies that make the right impression with your target audiences. We know what it’s like to deal with multiple stakeholders and how to achieve desired results. We can help you craft a brand that you – and your customers – can be proud of.
Whether you need visuals, videos, content or an entire campaign, our social media specialists will help you reach your social marketing goals for maximum engagement.